Farm Fresh

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Making Martha Stewart's "crudite centerpieces" with farm-fresh veggies

In Los Angeles, getting farm fresh ingredients is easy, with so many local farms delivering directly to your home, and services such as Farm Box LA, who act as middle men, choosing all the best produce for you.  However, most people don’t realize that they can grow their own fruits and veggies in their own backyard… even in pots on a terrace.

On the last week of cooking camp, we took a field trip right around the corner to what I like to call The Plestis Farm.  My friends Karen and Craig are actually busy professionals, but they are also gourmet cooks, so they like to have the freshest ingredients.  My students, ages 6-12, had a blast picking (and tasting) strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and herbs, and though the corn wasn’t ready yet, they loved the mini-cornfield on the hill.

Thank you, Karen!!

There were so many ripe tomatoes to pick… from fat heirloom tomatoes to tiny pear and cherry tomatoes.

Just look at these tomatoes (below). Not too shabby for a city “farm.”

We could wait to get back to class to create Tomato Tarte Tatins, and Martha Stewart’s Crudite Centerpieces, along with cheesy cauliflower pancakes and zucchini cakes.  And yes, each and every one of us ate our vegetables – how could we not?

Tomato Tarte Tatin

Have a great week, and remember, if you don’t feel like eating your vegetables, maybe you just need to get out there and grow some of your own.  Stay tuned for the tomato tarte tatin recipe… I double dog dare you not to like it!