Truffle Season

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which for many means just one thing: chocolate.  One might not consider chocolate to be “adventurous” cuisine for children, however, bear with me.  Most American children, and dare I say, European children as well, eat only a certain type of milk chocolate, and they eat it in the form of chocolate bars purchased in a store.  Not very adventurous.  But truffles made of molten dark and semi-sweet chocolate, a hint of (decaf) espresso, and rolled in a fine powder of Valrhona dark chocolate cocoa… now that seems a bit more challenging to a five or six year-old’s palate, no?  Especially when the lesson includes talk of what a real truffle is, how it is found (hint: oink oink), and why the chocolate truffle is named after that tres cher funghi.  In any case, I am proud that I have turned out 10 more people into this world who know how to make good chocolate truffles.  My work, at least for now, is done.

creating custom truffle boxes

custom-painted truffle box for someone special

scooping ganache

making truffles


Cleo with her cocoa mustache & box of truffles...

For our very simple and very delicious truffle recipe, please click on the Recipes For Adventurous Young Chefs tab on the left.  Happy truffle season!