Spring Cooking Camp



Spring is almost here, and at Little Feet in the Kitchen – The Cooking School For Adventurous Young Chefs – we’re not only thinking about coloring eggs and making chocolate-dipped matzoh, but creating some of our own traditions as well.  Instead of simply dyeing eggs, we’ll be creating natural tie-dyed eggs, and we’ll be stepping up our chocolate matzoh, too, adding a sprinkle of artisanal sea salt and a drizzle of caramel to make it our own.  


In our two-day Spring Cooking Camp, we’ll be focusing on Easter and Passover foods with special breads such as Hot Cross Buns and Challah, as well as Deviled Eggs, Roast Lamb and a special Passover Pavlova.  If you don’t know about Pavlova, you will soon, as my new cookbook on MERINGUE, co-authored by Linda K. Jackson, comes out soon from Gibbs-Smith (August 2012).  The photo above was taken by our amazing photographer Alexandra DeFurio (http://defuriophotography.com) and will appear in the book, along with many gorgeous photos of meringue desserts such as Pavlovas, pies, vacherins, marjolaines, macarons, Baked Alaska and so much more.  Be sure to stay tuned…


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Happy Easter, Happy Passover and of course… Happy Spring to you!